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Work Accident in West Palm Beach, Florida

While it’s never fun to suffer an injury on the job, it happens quite often. Under Florida’s “no fault” workers’ compensation law, you can receive workers’ comp benefits, even if your own negligence resulted in your accident and injury. With limited exceptions, private and public employers in the state of Florida must provide their employees with workers’ compensation benefits if they employ one or more full-time or part-time persons.

If you get hurt on a South Florida company’s property or while performing a work-related task on behalf of that company, it is likely that you have a right to compensation for your injuries through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. However, you must follow a specific protocol following a work accident or injury:

  • Seek emergency treatment, if necessary.
  • Report your injury to your boss or supervisor as soon as you can. Florida law requires that you notify your employer within 30 days of the incident.
  • Go to a physician authorized by the workers’ compensation insurance company.

Keep in mind, unlike other states, Florida law does not require your employer to hold your job for you until you are healthy enough to return to work. Even if you do follow the required process for filing a workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company may refuse to pay your benefits. That’s when you need an experienced, dedicated personal injury attorney to fight for your rights. With 25 years of experience in work accident and personal injury cases, DiBiaggio Law combines a thorough knowledge of the law and a passion for helping clients in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties receive proper compensation following a work accident.

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