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Tips for Applying for Disability

Are you applying for Social Security disability (SSD)? You can expect to have to jump through many hoops and do a lot of work to have your case accurately reviewed and approved. A disability attorney from DiBiaggio Law can help you navigate the complex waters of your SSD application. You can improve your chances of a successful SSD application by following these tips

  • Save every piece of documentation about your condition
  • Ask your doctors and specialists for any medical files that support your diagnosis
  •  Create a clear timeline that traces the onset and progress of your disabling condition or injury
  • List in precise ways how our disability keeps you from being able to work
  • Hire a disability attorney to help present your case

If you have already applied for SSD and the calculated benefits are lower than you expected, you may not have had all the right documentation. You could significantly increase your compensation by hiring an attorney. We'll work to get you a higher settlement on a contingency fee basis.

Don't DIY your SSD application. Let DiBiaggio Law help you get the financial support you deserve. Call us at (561) 473-9800. Remember, we only get paid when you do.


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