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West Palm Beach Truck Accidents

Florida holds the dubious distinction of being #3 for the most traffic fatalities involving semi-trucks in the United States. Because tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, and big rigs can weigh up to 30 times more than a passenger vehicle, truck accidents can cause almost incomprehensible devastation.

A truck accident is a traumatizing experience. While you could sustain substantial physical injuries, the resulting PTSD and anxiety can also wreak havoc on your quality of life. In the aftermath of a truck accident, ensure your safety, call 911, and consult a medical professional. Your next step is to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer.

An experienced truck accident attorney will navigate the complexities of your case to discover all possible options for compensation for your damages.

Common Injuries From Truck Accidents

The average 18-wheeler weighs over 80,000 pounds. Survivors of a South Florida truck accident face an increased risk of sustaining severe injuries that could take months or years to heal - if at all. After a truck accident, you could be dealing with:

  • A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Laceration and Sever Limb Damage/Amputations
  • Internal Organ Damage
  • Disfigurement
  • Partial or Total Paralysis from a Spinal Cord Injury
  • Burns
  • Broken Bones and Fractures
  • A Lifetime of Chronic Pain
  • PTSD
  • Depression

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Truck Accident Claim Basics

In general, truck accident injuries are much more severe than auto accident injuries. Many truck accident injuries are observable right away, but others, like brain injuries, may not be so evident. If you are in a truck accident, you must seek medical care as soon as possible, even if you think you are alright. It’s imperative to get a full record of your injuries from your treating medical professionals because if your case does go to court, proper documentation will support your claim.
Insurance will only cover a certain amount of medical bills and lost wages. Most likely, you will pay out-of-pocket for your remaining expenses while you cope with ongoing pain and suffering. At that point, your only option is to contact a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney who can help you file a personal injury case. The court may award three types of damages: economic compensatory damages that encompass medical expenses, loss of earnings, and future care; non-economic compensatory damages that cover physical, emotional, and mental suffering; and punitive damages - rare and only awarded by the court in certain truck accidents.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents occur in West Palm Beach for numerous reasons, including distracted driving. When a truck driver neglects to pay proper attention to the road, it often leads to mistakes or oversights that can cause a crash. Anytime a truck driver is using a cellphone, texting, adjusting the radio, eating, drinking, falling asleep at the wheel due to extreme fatigue, or engaging in any activity other than driving, they are distracted.

Other common causes of truck accidents in West Palm Beach include inclement weather/visibility, defects or malfunctions of the truck, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If any of these factors played a role in the accident, victims can file a personal injury claim against the responsible parties..

Do I Have A Case?

Are you dealing with a personal injury after a truck accident? Are you considering filing a claim? Truck accident claims are unique, due to the complexity of trucking laws and regulations. An accident attorney can help you confirm whether you are entitled to a settlement, and how much you can expect to receive.

According to Florida law, you must file a personal injury case within four years of your truck accident in South Florida. If you fail to file, you could lose out on compensation for your injuries and trauma. Call DiBiaggio Law for advice on whether you have a case and help in filing your claim.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

Every truck accident claim has its own unique set of circumstances. The amount of damages you will receive depends on the amount of verifiable losses you sustained, the circumstances of the accident, and other factors. Your attorney can give you specific information about the potential value of your claim. 

With 30 years of experience, we understand the nuances of the legal system and we have a successful record of obtaining the compensation you deserve. You may be entitled to receive compensation for past and future medical expenses; lost wages; pain and suffering; and other damages

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