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Personal Injury

No matter the type of injury you have sustained, if it was caused by someone behaving in a careless or negligent manner, you have the right to seek representation to obtain compensation. Florida personal injury law offers a means by which the injured can seek relief for injuries for up to four years following the original incident. Florida’s four-year civil statute of limitations ensures that even if the personal injury is not apparent right away, the injured party can seek restitution and legal representation.

Have you suffered bodily injury due to someone else’s negligence? With over 25 years of experience and a passion for going the extra mile for her clients, West Palm Beach Personal Injury & Social Security Disability Attorney Deirdre DiBiaggio, Esq. and DiBiaggio Law will work tirelessly on your behalf to help you obtain compensation for your damages including:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain Suffering
  • Loss of Limb or Paralysis
  • Broken Bones

Have you been harmed in an auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, slip and fall, or because of medical or dental malpractice? You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to seek an experienced personal injury attorney in South Florida who cares deeply for her clients and will see your case through to the end with precision, knowledge, and skill. Contact DiBiaggio Law at (561) 478-9800 for a free evaluation of your case. There is never a fee until you get paid first.

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I take a personal interest in my clients and will work hard to get you the benefits that you deserve. I have good relationships with judges and other attorneys, and as a result, consider myself to be a very skillful negotiator.

Deirdre DiBiaggio

West Palm Beach Personal Injury & Social Security Disability Attorney

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