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More than two-thirds of Social Security disability (SSD) claims are denied almost immediately after the first application. You can apply again, but only 15% of people have better luck on the second or third attempt. Hiring a disability lawyer at DiBiaggio Law can exponentially increase your chances of a fair hearing.

Studies show that having a disability attorney working on your case can triple your chances of a favorable outcome. You don't have to pay your law firm upfront since SSD cases work on a contingency fee basis. We only get paid if and when you finally receive your disability back payments, and the fee is a percentage of your award.

You can talk with an experienced Social Security disability lawyer about your case and receive advice and coaching for your hearing. We'll represent you when you see the judge, helping you explain how your disability has affected your ability to support yourself and advocating for your rights.

You don't have to go through the SSD application or appeals process alone. You deserve a fair disability payment schedule that will be enough to support you.  Contact DiBiaggio Law today at (561) 473-9800 for help building your case from a seasoned attorney.

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