Receiving Disability Benefits in

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Receiving Disability Benefits

You won your disability claim with the help of your Social Security disability attorney. Now you're asking, "When do I get my disability benefits?" Finding that out your case was approved and that you are eligible for benefits is just the first step toward receiving them.

Ask your attorney for more information on when you can expect to start collecting benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) should process your claims and automatically send you your money. You can typically expect your first payment to arrive in 30 to 90 days unless you're waiting for an administrative law judge (ALJ) to submit their written report.

We don't stop working for you until your entire case is complete. That includes making sure you get your payments. If you are concerned about how long it has been since your approval, your Social Security disability attorney can help determine the issue and how to fix it.

Don't worry about your legal bill. Our fee will be sent directly to us by the SSA. If 90 days pass and you did not get your SSDI payment, call DiBiaggio Law at (561) 473-9800. We'll investigate and try to speed up the process or find out what’s keeping the SSA from releasing your payment.

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