South Florida Hospital Agrees to Six-Figure Confidential Bedsore Settlement

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – DiBiaggio Law Medical Malpractice Attorney and Founder Deirdre DiBiaggio announces six-figure Confidential Settlement of a bedsore case against a local South Florida hospital.

The patient’s family retained DiBiaggio Law and filed a lawsuit against the hospital in 2019, claiming that the staff “recklessly disregarded” the patient’s rights and needs. The lawsuit stated that most of the nursing staff at the hospital failed to timely identify and treat the patient’s bedsores. The patient was utterly unable to communicate due to suffering a massive stroke. Since the patient could not complain or communicate, they did not receive the necessary care and treatment concerning their bedsores. Before reaching out to DiBiaggio Law, the patient’s family had made several complaints about their loved one’s care but was dismissed by nursing supervisors..

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are sores that form on the skin due to prolonged pressure. These sores can be caused by simple pressure and friction or shear force (two surfaces moving in opposite directions). The back, heels, ankles, hips, and tailbone are common sites for these sores to develop. Individuals who have difficulty moving must be shifted or rotated regularly to avoid bedsores.

Bedsores can cause serious health problems if the pressure is not relieved. Bedsore injuries can cause bone and muscle damage in severe cases. These sores are also at a higher risk of infection and sepsis, which can be fatal. Individuals in hospitals and nursing homes are frequently unable to adjust their positions to relieve pressure, putting them at risk for bedsores.

Bedsores can lead to severe complications if untreated. Typical bed sore complications include cellulitis, necrotizing fasciitis, gangrene, sepsis, bone, and joint infection, amputation, and even cancer of lymph nodes or skin cells.

According to the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel’s (NPIAP) 2021 Fact Sheet “About Pressure Injuries in US Healthcare,” among other troubling statistics, there are 2.5 million reported cases per year, and it is the second most common diagnosis in health system billing records in the United States. Based on Center for Disease Control reporting, there are 60,000 deaths per year, making it the 8th most frequent cause of death in the U.S.

“A patient who has suffered a massive stroke and cannot communicate is still entitled to quality medical care. These pressure injuries are so easily prevented that they are referred to as “never” events in the medical field. The judicial system will not turn a blind eye if our loved ones are subjected to unnecessary and avoidable suffering due to a hospital’s negligence. I’m pleased we were able to negotiate this six-figure Confidential Settlement to bring some justice for my client’s unnecessary suffering,” says DiBiaggio.

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